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Tool Source Code Crypto Checker all in one 1.5

1 days

- updated interface

Sell crypto checker sources. Written in js. As usual, I don’t recruit a lot of people for my sources. Price - 5000 $
Multi-language support: py eng
Support for https proxy (20 pieces not ru and not enough for a month)
Removing unnecessary file formats from logs (if you check public)
File mnemonic grabber.
Support for 19 wallets.
Support for 20 types of tokens when checking for mnemonics.
Support for 8 physical wallets.
Automatic loading of the system: the more powerful the machine, the more threads.
Easy installation - works right after installing nodejs (global version)

- added icons to display information
- now you can remove nft from the total balance and you can only read tokens (nft will still be displayed in a text document)
- Added correct data collection. now you do not need to store several terabytes of logs with unknown passwords.
- added local mnemonics converter
- optimized work on windows 10\11
- added extended error display
- now the check results are stored on the desktop in their own folder
- now collection of mnemonics from files is case-sensitive, spaces, columns, numbers before the beginning, brackets and other characters
- wallet.dat now collects passwords next to each other + vaullt
- mnemonics scanner now force scan results of physical wallets
- added support for 5 more stealers and 2 warriors
- now you do not need to sort the logs, he will understand what type of stealer the log belongs to
- de proxy support
- support for checking wallets up to 6 TB in 1 run

Added private key checker for 12 networks (I will add 12 more)
Added notification to telegram and end result
Added saved paths to not select proxy every time.
Added support for windows11
Added support for collaboration with antiviruses
Added support for local anti-public
Added support for encrypting your database
Added a log waiting mode (specify the folder from the stealer where the logs from the stealer are sent to you and the software, if there is a log, will check it and send it to you in telegram)
Added flexible scraper settings - now you can add the formats of non-public or little-known stealers themselves (200 pieces limit)
Added brain wallet mode (wallets encrypted with passwords)
Now the minimum requirements for software: 8 cores \ 16 frames (ddr4) \ 40 GB ssd
Now the working folder is created in documents and not the desktop
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Demo Video with logs:

https://t.me/loggerb - when u pay here ping in telegram to take source code
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