Frequently Asked Questions

How are we scam proof?

All sales are 1st sent to our shop personal account. Where the money is kept until the "Warranty" of the products is over.

100% refund if:

- Product doesn't work.
- Product stops working before the warranty is over.
- Product is not as same as told.
Note:- If you send money directly to the seller we will not be responsible for any kind of scam.

How Warranty works?

Every product will have a warranty period for the buyer.
This period will be in days and starts the day the product is delivered and starts working.

Note: Until the product is functional and the customer is satisfied with the functionality the WARRANTY won't start.

Until this period is complete no funds will be processed to the seller.
After the warranty period has passed all funds shall be released to the seller's account.

In case of any issues, the funds can be refunded or kept as security until the issues are resolved.
Make sure you are posting genuine information.

How to withdrawal?

Minimum Withdrawal = $20
Only crypto is available for withdrawal.
Contact Admin (@HAXOR ) for withdrawal.

Withdrawal Limit = 1/Month

We will check all your product's warranties and after the warranty is completed then we will release the funds.

Sales Tax and Withdrawal Tax Will Be Applicable.

Note for the buyer:-
After purchasing the product contact the author/seller and wait for his/her reply. If the author/seller doesn't respond within 72hrs then we will proceed with the refund.

Note for the seller:-
If the seller/author has a bad reputation in the marketplace then we (Admins) will take strict action against him.

How warning works?

Warning only works for a week or a month For instance, some warnings expire after a week while others do so after a month. You could end up losing some of your sales revenue as a result of the warnings. Remember this

1 Warning Point = No ban (Just a little reminder)
4 Warning Points = There will be a 50% tax.
7 Warning Points = 30-Day Ban with all revenue taken.

Note:- If the user violates the 30-day suspension, he will be permanently banned.

Rules and guarantee

1.It is very important for seller to add atleast 1 ownership proof along with the product or else the product post will be deleted immediately.
1. The title of the product should not contain extraneous information not related to the product being sold.
2. In the description of the goods, it is forbidden to make hints/recommendations/requests to change the temporary mail from the account. It is forbidden to write a deliberately false description of the account (including in the title) ("will not be restored", "for the main account", "0 chance of restoration", "low chance of restoration", etc.)
3. The product description should not contain the same type or repetitive text that makes it difficult to see the necessary information about the account.
4. It is forbidden to sell/exchange the market balance in order to receive money in an electronic wallet.
5. It is forbidden to use or change passwords, emails, and other data from sold accounts on the market.
6. The sale of accounts with hammered games, balances, and gifts is prohibited.
7. Native mail from the account should be indicated only in the "Native mail" field. If the seller indicates in the title or in the description the presence of mail from the account, then he must insert the mail in the "Native mail" field.
8. It is forbidden to sell corrupted accounts (where recently sent spam, played with cheats, or other actions that may lead to account blocking).
9. Buyer should contact the admin/mod or seller through or only. If a buyer uses any third-party messaging software/application. will not be responsible for any kind of scam or harm done to the buyer.
10. If the seller scams someone and gets away with it he/she will be permanently banned from,, and
11. Description for the product should contain everything including Screenshots.
12. Before selling any product make sure to see the thread "How to post resource in"
13. Rules are subject to change at any time.
14. Tax will be applicable on all products and will change from time to time.
15. Withdrawal tax will be applicable depending on the way of sending money.
16. If the seller was inactive for so long or unable to deliver the product on time the amount will be refunded to the buyer and the seller's account will be banned (Ban duration will be decided by Admin)

Account guarantees

1. Money can be returned in the following cases:
2. If the account does not have games or inventory or other valuable characteristics specified during the purchase.
3. If the information on the account does not match the information specified during the purchase with the valid information (for example, if it is indicated that there is no blocking, but it is).
4. The guarantee, in case of account recovery is valid only for personal accounts. Accounts such as brute, phishing, resale are not guaranteed if the account is returned. Exception: money can be returned only if there is evidence of the seller's guilt, or if there are a large number of complaints about the seller in a short time.
5. If the buyer has changed the mail on the account, then the guarantee in this case does not apply to the account.
6. The guarantee for the Steam account expires if the balance on the Steam account was spent in full or in part, points were spent, or if items were sold / transferred from the inventory (including in-game inventory).
7. Warranty for Steam, account will expire if the buyer has received a game lock in any game.
8. The money for the account is returned if all of the above points of the rules are observed and the complaint is written at the time of the guarantee.
9. If our system displayed inaccurate information about any characteristics of the account (for example, it displayed the presence of a game, but it is not on the account), then the money will be returned to the buyer when writing a complaint to Admin.


1. After the sale, the money goes into the "Hold" (the time when you cannot use it). After a certain time, the money goes from the Hold to your account balance.
1.1. If the account has a guarantee, then the "hold" time is the same as the duration of the guarantee (for example, 24 hours).
1.2. If the account does not have a guarantee, then the "hold" time depends on the number of

0-3 sales - 7 Days
4-10 sales - 4 Days
11-30 sales - 1 Day
31-999 sales - 12 Hours

You can get 1 withdrawal per month

Information on how customers receive goods

Information on how customers receive goods:-
1. After clicking on the "Buy" button, the system will verify the amount and after some time the product will be available for you.
2. If the product is based on verification or installation the buyer needs to wait for the owner/author to contact the buyer. If the seller don't contact the buyer for verification or installation. Buyer should contact the admin (HAXOR,Thanos)

Basic Rules

Forum Rules:-

1. No outside links or links to downloads/attachments, use the upload system instead. (Permanent Ban)
2. No trolling outside of general sections. (3 Day Ban)
3. No scamming of any kind. (Permanent Ban along with hold of money)
4. No accessing other Crax members accounts or computers without permission. (Permanent Ban)
5. No disrespecting staff. (5 Day Ban)
6. No disrespecting Crax. (Permanent Ban)
7. No creating resource in the wrong section. (1 Day Ban)
8. No "asking"/begging for something outside of a specifically designated request section. (2 Day Ban)
9. No nazi or racist comments. (5 Day Ban)
10. No religious or political comments (Permanent Ban)
11. No bypassing the Crax word filter. (2 Week Ban)
12. No posting of keyloggers, viruses or phishers. (Permanent Ban)
13. No impersonating Crax staff including offsite. (Permanent Ban)
14. No selling/buying/trading Crax accounts. (Permanent Ban)
15 No requesting to join a user group. (7 Day Ban)
16. No changing a staff member's quote in a post. (3 Day Ban)
17. No posting of warez (copy written material) or material infringe on copyrights. (Permanent Ban)
18. No ban evasion on an alternate account for serious bans. (Permanent Ban)
19. No posting personal / private / "dox" information (including IP) of a Crax user without their explicit permission or from an administrator. This means information that isn't easily accessible or discovered. (6 Month Ban)
20. No threatening Crax members with any sort of blackmail or DDoS/flooding/attack threats. (1 Month Ban)
21. No DoSing, flooding, jamming, hindering, or any other sort of attacking other Crax members. (Permanent Ban)
22. No distribution of cheating/hacking material besides in thread as an approved attachment. No distributing via pm, messenger service (via Crax). (Permanent Ban)
23. No posting of content that violates any laws. (Permanent Ban)
24. No selling/buying outside We will not be responsible for any kind of scam