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Website Source Code FAKE CRYPTO EXCHANGE SCRIPT 2023 1.0

1 days

Contact me for demo
Telegram: @st_code
After purchase message me on telegram, I will give all files and help with installation if required
Main Features:
- Automatic address generation for each user
- Automatic verification of deposits to addresses
- Fake output: verification/pending/confirmed error (worker customizes for each user)
- Support
- Trading (opening orders)
- Staking
- Swap
- Transfers
- Fake P2P
- Passing verification (KYC)
- Two-factor authorization (Google Authenticator)
- Filling in data/setting an avatar

How deposits are withdrawn:
- When each user registers, a random mnemonic phrase is generated and all deposit addresses are created from it
- When he makes a deposit, you get a notification (or you see it in your dashboard)
- You search for that user in the admin panel and view their mnemonics (view mnemonics)
- You import this phrase into your cryptocurrency wallet (exodus or trust wallet) and withdraw money to your wallet

List of coins to deposit (all deposits are automatically verified):
- Bitcoin
- Ethereum (ERC-20)
- Litecoin
- USDT ERC-20 (Ethereum)
- USDT TRC-20 (Tron)
- Tron (TRX)
- USDC (ERC-20)
- BNB BEP-20 (BSC)
- Dogecoin
- Shiba Inu BEP-20 (BSC)
- Chainlink (ERC-20)
- Sol (Solana)

It is possible to add other methods for an additional fee

Admin panel (two themes, light and dark):
- Many customizations (telegram notification messages, coins, default settings and standard error messages are configurable in configs)
- The config specifies telegram id of administrators for notifications
- Admins receive deposit notifications, a message to the support team and mnemonic phrases sent via Wallet Connect in telegram
- Statistics (top worshippers, charts, profits today/for the week/for the month/for all time)
- Deposits
Users page (all registered users, including vorkers):
- ID, Email, Username, Worker, Domain / Promo, Deposits, Registration date, Location (country, city, flag), Last activity, View mnemonics
- View the user mnemonic phrase generated with the addresses during registration (from which you will then withdraw deposits)
- Users are sorted by last activity
- Search for a user by email
- Showing all online users
- List of Workers
- ID, Email, Username, Password, Users, Deposits, Registered, Domains, Edit (change output addresses), Delete
- Adding Workers (by email)
- Logs of all users
- Adding domains to Workers
- List of sent mnemonic phrases via Wallet Connect
- Customize the welcome message to the support team when registering (enabled/disabled, message)

Worker panel (two themes, light and dark):
- Promo codes (amount, fixed or random + coin name)
- Manual user bindings by email
- Statistics (top worshippers, graphs)
- Deposits
- Conclusions
- Logs (detailed actions of each user)
- KYC list (list of users who sent data for verification)
- Support, users sorted by messages
- You can modify/delete messages in the helpdesk
- Messages have a Read/Unread status
- Course Setup (Fast/Stable Pumps/Dumps)
- Customizing terms
- Configuring aml kyc policy
- Customization of anchored domains (name, icon, title)
Settings section:
- Telegram ID, to receive notifications (about deposits, withdrawal, kyc, 2fa, message to the support, binding mnemonics)
- Setting up addresses for btc, eth, ltc withdrawal
- P2P overpricing
- Bonus for registration (amount and message), works when registering by worker domain
- Steakage percentages
- Setting up verification for withdrawal (whether it is necessary, what amount of deposits is needed to pass it)
- List of coins, through the deposits of which verification takes place
- Sending bonuses to all users (amount, coin, message)
- Whether fake output is enabled for all/new users
- Whether steaking is enabled for all/new users
- Whether transfer is enabled for all/new users
- Whether WalletConnect is enabled (users have a new button in their wallet where they have to send a mnemonic phrase to verify)
- Error message settings (withdraw, trading, transfer, p2p)
- Setting up coins and withdrawal limits (e.g. btc - from 0.1, eth - from 0.5)
User Page:
- On the home page, users are sorted by last activity
- User, Domain / Promo, Last activity, Location (country, city, flag)
- Search for a user by email
- Showing all online users
Specific user management (briefly):
- Change password, phone, mail
- Global ban/Trading ban/Transfer ban/Support ban/Invest ban/Enable 2FA
- Wallet connect (a new button is shown to the user, in which mnemonic phrases are fished (under the pretext of verification)
- Whether the first deposit is activated and its amount
- Fake Withdrawal Pending (in the user transaction it will be written that withdrawal is pending)
- Fake withdrawal Confirmed (in the user transaction it will be written that the withdrawal is confirmed).
- Setting withdraw/p2p/transfer/trading errors
- Logs (ip, action, date)
- Transactions (withdraw/deposit/transfer/invest (staking))
- Transactions can be changed (amount, address, hash) and their status can be deleted/changed (pending, cancel, confirmed)
- User addresses for deposits (generated during registration)
- Changes in the balance sheet in the form of a table
- Send - change user balance (creating fake transactions): coin, amount, address, date, hash, type (withdraw/deposit/bonus/set)
- Alert Pop-Up - send notifications to the screen of the user/all users (if not online - will show at the next login)
- Withdraw verify: include whether verification has been passed, specify dollar amount to pass verification, specify specific coins
- KYC Request: kyc (data, addresses, photos of documents) sent by the user for KYC verification
- KYC can be accepted or rejected

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