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90 days


I work out all possible browser extensions and desktop wallets:
Metamask , ronin , phantom ,terra station , tronlink , yoroi wallet , exodus , atomic , electrum, binance smart chain, coinbase, Bitkeep, Kelpr, Enkrypt, Crypto.com extension, Guarda, Trust, xdefi, Petra (Aptos) wallet, wallet .dat
1) Need your own logs. Do not throw free logs, public logs giveaways, free clouds. As an option, in rare cases I can take logs before 2019, but I need to know where they come from.
2) 90% for you and 10% for me up to 100 usd. 70% for you and 30% for me up to 10,000 usd. 55% for you and 45% for me from 10,000 usd.
3) I will provide reports in the format (General worklog + seeds)
4) Mandatory presence of a textbook with passwords
5) I take from 1 log to infinity
6) If you have your own log format, then write to me, I will make a scrapper exactly for your format.
7) I don't check public, clouds, free giveaways.
8) Fraud in receipt or date of the log = complete refusal to pay
Here is an example - in 1:18 hours 840 usd were found with passwords and 25891 usd without a password. Some of them can be twisted, which I did after.

I work out your seed phrases and private key (Private keys)
1) I work with ETH, BTC, LTC , XRP, ADA, TRX, SOL, RVN , DASH, BSV, Digibyte, Ve chain, ZIL, TEZOS, ETC, DOGE, BNB, Ripple, Cosmos, Terra, Waves, Near, Polkadot , Lisk, Zcash.
2) I find tokens that debank does not see, even with a public seed you can raise $! I do not accept generated seed phrases.
3) I work with trezor, ledger, safepal, coolwallet, tangem, Keystone pro, Elipal Titan, BitBox02.

Password guessing for Metamask wallets Ronin Phantom Exodus Atomic
1) Balances from 1.000$ are accepted
2) Let's take something that we couldn't assemble earlier, or something that didn't succumb to other bruters
3) I don't check public, clouds, free giveaways.
4) An important condition is to first send the wallet address, which will serve to clarify whether the material was already in our hands, then send the log itself
5) Before submitting the log, you agree to the condition that we DO NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR FUNDS ON PROVIDED MATERIAL. Anything can happen, you can’t keep track of the workers to which you could send the file for processing, you should also not forget about the owner.
6) 70% for you and 30% for me up to 10,000 usd. 55% for you and 45% for me from 10,000 usd.
7) The process is controlled through Ubuntu through several attack methods -a 0, -a 1, -a 3, -a 6, -a 7, prince, rules.
8) At the moment, the speed is low, about 6,000,000 requests per second for metamasks.

We display the most popular exchange Binance. A written bot that strides up to 70% of the balance without blocking from the exchange.
Access cookies, API KEY, BINANCE application. No mail needed! We also remove all other exchanges such as Bitfinex, Bittrex. Kucoin, Coinex, Kraken, Poloniex, Huobi and a few others.
Terminals 3commas, tradesanta.
I take only large amounts from 1 btc, since I need to constantly change the bot algorithms, which affects the time for rewriting the code.
If the amount is more than 1 btc and costs 2fa, then I can bypass it (30% of the result is successful), so if necessary, try to make Facial Recognition (85% of the result are successful) (plugin meta human for Unreal engine 5 + textures 16k + nvidia hairworks + real time motion capture)
50% for you and 50% for me from 1 to 2 btc. Percentage 55+ to you from 2 btc.

We can withdraw coins\tokens\stakes\nft (only expensive nft for which there is a price) from automatic withdrawal, where you cannot pick up and when transferring to an address, coins immediately with the requirement.
up to 10,000 US dollars - 30%
from 10,000 usd - 40-50% depends on the amount.
Network support: Etherium, BNB, Arbitrum, Polygon, Optimism, Avalance, Base, Cronos, Kava, OKX, Gnosis, Celo, Fantom, Huobi, Filecoin, Astar, Moonbeam, Mantle, Canto, Metis, Linea, Aurora, Telos, IOtex . , Moonriver, Core, Evmos, Dogechain, Harmony, Boba, Fuse, Nova, Step and much more.
Full list of networks: https://chainlist.org/ - all mainnet networks are supported.
If I have money, then the conclusion is:
Ethereum - from 30 to 100 US dollars
BNB - 5-20 US dollars
Other networks - 1-30 US dollars
Depends on the network and the queue of miners (or validators)
Any autowithdrawal on almost any network is bypassed.

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