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Diabolic Traffic Bot Full Edition v8.0 (Lifetime VIP Edition)

Bot Diabolic Traffic Bot Full Edition v8.0 (Lifetime VIP Edition) EXCLUSIVE

1 days
"Diabolic Traffic Bot" is a software program that is designed to generate web traffic to a specific website or web page. It is often categorized as a traffic bot or traffic generator tool. Traffic bots like Diabolic Traffic Bot are typically used by website owners, marketers, or individuals seeking to increase the number of visitors to their websites.

These traffic bots work by simulating human-like behavior, such as visiting web pages, clicking on links, and interacting with elements on the site. They can generate traffic from various sources, including search engines, social media platforms, and referral links.

It's important to note that the use of traffic bots can be controversial and may violate the terms of service of different online platforms. Many platforms have strict policies against the use of artificial traffic generation tools, as it can distort website analytics, deceive advertisers, and undermine the integrity of online advertising.

It's generally recommended to focus on legitimate strategies to drive organic and genuine traffic to your website, such as creating high-quality content, optimizing for search engines, utilizing social media marketing, and engaging with your target audience.

* Send Unlimited Traffic To Multiple URL's
* Multi-Threading
* Random URL Referrer
* Random Browser User Agent
* Limit Traffic to Send
* Random Time in Web Page
* Cookies Cleared Each Visit
* Real-Time Traffic Stats
* Private Proxies Allowed
* Real-Time Log
* Browser or Socks Mode
* Easy Script Languange
* Choose Proxy Country

Included Modules:
* Soundcloud Play
* Youtube Search and Play
* Simple Website Visit
* Website Visit and Random Click
* BC.VC Click Next Button
* SH.ST Click Next Button
* Amazon Search Product and Click

What you can do with the traffic:

Increase All
* Website Stats
* Soundcloud Plays
* Views
* Downloads
* Votes
* Manipulate Any Analytic Software
* Manipulate Alexa Ranking
* Simulate Users

📷 Screenshots:
Diabolic Traffic Bot 1

Diabolic Traffic Bot 2

Refund Policy:
If Any File is Missing or Not Working 100% Refunded


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