1. AKM

    Brute WarZone RAT 3.03 Super Mod |Lifetime Access| PREMIUM

    📝Description: WarZone RAT 3.03 Super Mod Native, Independent Stub Stub of this RAT has been written in C++ which makes it independent from .NET Framework. Cookies Recovery Recover cookies from popular Chrome and Firefox in JSON format. Remote Desktop Control computers remotely at 60 FPS...
  2. Networkninja

    Brute WarZone RAT 3.03 super access 3.03

    📝Description: https://t.me/networkninja https://discord.gg/9pPrjTpGWb WarZone RAT 3.03! I hope you enjoy it a lot. Functional for Native and all other crypters The stub for this RAT was written in C++, which makes it independent of the .NET Framework. Retrieve cookies from the popular...