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OS MS DRAINER UNLIMITED new 2023 2023-06-30

1 days
  • MS Drainer is the most advanced drainer available on the market. It supports seven of the most popular networks: Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Fantom, and Optimism. Asset discovery on user wallets is done through the reliable provider DeBank, which can be replaced with Ankr, Zapper, or OpenSea if desired. The drainer successfully identifies the wallet's primary coin, ERC-20 tokens, and NFTs, which it efficiently withdraws in a fully automated mode.

  1. The script does not require deploying your own smart contracts or ensuring they are marked as verified. It can function both without smart contracts and with a specialized public contract, eliminating the complexities of creating your own contract, paying various fees, and making connections. The contract is highly flexible and supports multiple types of events that you can trigger on your website, including Security Update, Claim, Claim Reward, Execute, Connect, and Swap. Additionally, the script comes with six diverse contracts for self-launching on the blockchain.
  2. The script operates based on a principle of draining the most valuable assets first, followed by the less expensive ones. It intelligently queues assets without limitations on network or resource type. Simultaneously, the intelligent calculation system takes into account the resources required for network fee payment, maximizing the potential of the user's wallet and transferring it to you. Personalized priority settings can also be configured in the script, such as prioritizing tokens that support PERMIT or those that can be withdrawn through exchanges.
  3. The script provides several methods for withdrawing tokens and NFTs, which can be easily configured according to your goals. Tokens can be withdrawn through direct transfers, confirmation, PERMIT invocation, exchanges, or inconspicuous signatures, depending on the user's selected wallet. The script defaults to the most discreet and efficient method. As for NFTs, the script can confirm the entire collection with a single signature, allowing you to liquidate all NFTs at once.
  4. Automatic withdrawal of approved assets is supported. Once a user gives confirmation, signs PERMIT, or grants access to their NFT collection, the script, whenever technically feasible, autonomously deducts and transfers these assets to you without requiring any further action. For this function to work correctly, the draining wallet should always maintain a small amount of coins.
  5. The script supports a wide range of wallets, over 300 to be precise. There are two connection methods available: native and WalletConnect. Native wallets directly integrate with the drainer and include popular options such as MetaMask, Coinbase, Binance Wallet, and Trust Wallet. Other wallets can be connected through WalletConnect by scanning the QR code displayed on a mobile device or by opening the website on a phone and selecting a wallet from the list installed on the device. Most mobile wallets support WalletConnect. The script works with both versions of WalletConnect.
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