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Game Cards HaVip Server ( Full Source with video tutorial )

App Source Code Game Cards HaVip Server ( Full Source with video tutorial ) 2.4.4

Android/Apple apps Source Code
7 days
SRC Game Information
Name : SUVIP
Language : Node.JS
SQL : Mongo DB
UI : Cocos Creator 2.2.2
Server : Windows

Original game list
Download faint
Dragon Tiger
Shoot Fish
Disc shock
Plot threads
Election crab
Three trees
High and low
Mini Slot Candy
Mini Slot PUBG
Mini Slot Poker
Slots Casino Royal
Racing Slots
Slot Avengers
Slots League of Legends
Western Slots
Hero Blood Slot
Slot Frozen
Cowboy Slots
Panda Slots
Grand journey

Original functions
Top up Bank – Momo
Authorized dealer
Telegram OTP Security
Newsletter of withdrawal to Telegram
Alert players to bet on Telegram
BOT chat Tai Xiu
Slots spinning BOT
BOT sets Tai Xiu door
BOT sets up Xoc disc door
The BOT sets up the door of Bau Cua
Scratch Card API Support
Support VIP function – Receive VIP rewards
TOP VP of the month
Daily event X6 jars
Automatically play giftcode every day

Original Admin function
Adjust the financial results
Adjust disc shock results
Edit election results
Adjust lottery results
Message notifications to players
Click on the slot game
Deposit - Withdrawal Management
Manage scratch cards
Bank management
user management
Management agent
Giftcode Management
Event Settings
Cash flow management
Plus – Subtract money
View transaction history
View bet history

( Full Source with video tutorial )
Contact me for more detail

Telegram @jiuvinz
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